Claritas Solutions no more….Why and what next…

By | February 23, 2013

For those who don’t know…I have left Claritas….a bit of a heart wrench as it’s been my employment for well over eleven years.

Bowcliffe Hall in the Snow

Bowcliffe Hall in the Snow

The seperation happened at the end of 2012 and [quite frightenly] has been perfectly amicable…so much so that, I haven’t felt the need to run away with the sales database :p

Seriously….what can I say?….despite the overwelming number of reasons to move on…there were an many reason why I should have stayed….great set of people…fantastic work ethic…great geographic place to travel to and spend time at…loyalty for the years of good times and solid engineering background. It was my dream job for so many years…

But at the end…challenge was lacking and terminal stagnation had set in. I had been telling myself for a couple of years that…”if I didn’t move on soon….I wouldn’t ever move on!”…so split I did….and thankfully with only a slight bad taste in my mouth!

So…as mentioned previously…Winter 2012-2013 has been exceedingly busy.

New gadgets…new job…

…and that’s an odd thing…the new job….

I have landed where I said I would land….my next position was always going to be with a distributor or vendor….I needed that level of experience and knew that joining a supplier (either connectivity service provider or security vendor) would build on my already strong experience.

So I’ve got a job with a security vendor…Smoothwall
It’s great being able to apply all my aforementioned knowledge….but there is still a new product to learn….new working practises to adhere to….old preconception to break…

…for me, this is highly exhilarating. Change is good…Challenge keeps me young.

But I guess I’ll start that story in another post.

[and still that’s not the most important thing that has happened to me in the last few months]

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